Vishal Arya (Agniyash Vedarthi)

       I am a Reader at Vaidic and Modern Physics Research Center. Previously, I studied Theoretical Physics at University of Delhi, where I received  my Masters Degree. In my Master Degree i have Cosmology, Astrophysics, String Theory, Quantum field Theory, Plasma Physics. I have done my B.Sc. from M.L.N. College, Kurukshetra University. 

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Acharya Ji’s work in my view

               Aitrey Brahmin is the Brahmanical text of Rigveda and Rigveda is considered the text of knowledge. Without understanding Aitrey Brahmin, we can’t understand Rigveda fully. Aitrey Brahmin, which is written approx. 7000 years ago, not understood by anyone yet. By understanding such a serious science, mysterious and complex text, Rev. Acharya ji, with the completion of its scientific interpretation, his determination (... among the scientists of developed countries of the world, I will prove the Vedas as the creation of God. To do this, I will endeavor to give new direction to modern science through Vaidic science.) completed one of the most important step. At this time a huge book named "Ved Vigyan-Alok" is under publication, which will prove to be a milestone for Vaidic scholars as well as modern scientists. It will be proved on the whole earth that the Vedas are the knowledge given by the God, and which is the basic source and root of all the knowledge and science.


Achievements so for

  1. After the letter written to Stephen Hawking by Acharya Ji, he revised his Big Bang Theory, which was believed to be infinite energy in the Zero volume.

  2. Acharyaji has done the scientific interpretation of Aitrey Brahmin of Rigveda very first time in the world.

  3. Acharya ji wrote letter asking 12 questions about serious problems of modern physics to many scientists from India and the world and prestigious institutes like NASA, CERN in 2013 but they did not get any answer, while those questions will be solved by the interpretation of Aitrey Brahmin done by Acharya ji. During the discussion on these questions, Dr. Abhas Mitra stated- "Some of these questions will not be answered by the modern science in next 100 years."

  4. On the one hand thousands of scientists are engaged in the research in the CERN laboratory, on the other hand, Acharya Ji is working hard solely. Acharyaji has claimed that he will solve all this before the CERN scientists.

  5. After some time, I told Acharya ji about the Nobel Prize, which was given to three scientists of America in the field of physics for the discovery of Gravitational waves, there were some serious questions about this discovery in his mind, and he asked those 9 questions to Nobel Foundation, the three Nobel laureates including the Chairman, Top 40 universities from 27 countries of the world, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble President, Human Resource Development Minister, Scientific Advisor, India's various research institutes, IIT's, Central Universities etc. A few days later, the email of a Nobel laureate Kip Thorne came in, He was overwhelmed from those questions asked by Acharya ji's. 


             I am living here with Acharya ji since March 2016. I have read and understood the modern theoretical physics. Fortunately, I had been entrusted with the responsibility of editing and designing of this great book "Ved Vigyan-Alok:" of Acharyaji. For this reason, I studied whole book and made many important diagrams for the book. When I compare the modern physics and Acharya's Vaidic science, and then experience that modern science is incomplete, that is, it keeps changing, whereas Vaidic science is stable and complete, hence the modern science needs the guidance of Vaidic science. This book will serve as a lighthouse for the modern scientific world, and it will also be essentially linked to Spiritual Science.


According to me, By this Interpretation-

  1. The scientific form of Ishwar and its authority will be proved.

  2. How the Ishwar operates every action of the universe, will be proved.

  3. Why the name “OM” of Ishwar is prime? What role is played by this sound in the universe? It will have known.

  4. The scientific structure of vaidic risha and the process of the origin of the creation will be known.

  5. The origin process from the first step to the star formation will be understood.

  6. There will be a universal law which will effective for all planet’s motion and stability.

  7. The modern science considers that any matter’s speed can’t be more than the speed of life, but this book will tell us about an element, which speed is more than the speed of light and is 1.2 million/sec.

  8. The present scholars of Vedas are ignorant about the science of Vedas and other Aarsh texts. The tradition of the research and interpretation of Vedas’ science, which had been lost after the age of Mahabharata will be reincarnated after this book.

  9. Sanskrit language, specially Vaidic Sanskrit will be established as the language of universe.

  10. India will able to give the new Vaidic Physics, which is ancient in true sense, to the world. Along with this the tradition of reading and studying of Vedas and other ancient scriptures will get a new direction.

  11. Able to give a whole new Vaidic Rashmi Theory to the world. The Vaidic Rashmi Theory will have factual properties from all the modern theories of modern science but will exclude the defaults of those theories.

  12. The science of all the complex topics of universe such as Force, Time, Space, Gravity, Graviton, Dark Energy, Dark matter, Mass, Vacuum Energy, Mediator particles etc. will be explained elaborately.

  13. The research of Unified Field Theory, which has been started from Einstein, will be completed.

  14. Today, the particle physics in a state of crisis. We will be able to understand the structure of all the elementary particles and photons.

  15. Will be able to give research ideas to scientists for 100-200 years.

  16. The Vaidic Theory of Universe will be established after the criticism of the most famous theories such as Big-Bang Theory etc.

  17. In far future there will be a new era of Physics, upon that the world’s technologist will be able to develop new and subtle technologies.

  18. The scientist will precede towards the science and technology, which is heard and read to have on Devas, Rishis, Gandharvas in the ancient Aryavart (Bharat).

  19. The root of various branches of science such as Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Geology, Environment science, Medical science etc. in the physics. For this, there will be a scientific revolution in the research fields of various branches of science.

  20. By this India will be Jagadguru in true sense by establishing the prestige of Vedas and Rishis in the world.

  21. Our science will be in our own language, so that India will be independent from the intellectual slavery. There will be a new national pride.

  22. By this, the barriers of the narrow mind-ness of caste, religion, language and regionalism will be broken, and the people will help in the upliftment of the country. It will also helpful in Vishva-Bandhutva. (brotherhood with people all over the world)

  23. The enlightened people, who became anti-national by ignorance, come to know about their faults.

  24. The thought of national integration will be strengthened in the Indian enlightened youths by the true patriotism.


            My dear brothers and sisters! after the reading above 25 point you will experience that Ved Vigyan Alok is the greatest intellectual property of the world according to my belief. If our country and world understand this vaidic science, then it will definitely affect the fate of our country and whole world in near future. This great research is now being done by this small trust having its limited resources. I hope your help to this trust. With your help we will do following works-


1. We must take this institution at global level.

2.  The establishment of Vaidic Sciences Study and Research Center in this institution in near future.

3. Global publicity in the famous scientific institutes of India and foreign.

4. To go to famous labs and try to do practical there.

5. Organization of various types of summits and workshops.

6. The continuous creation of scientific literature.

      Time has come to do various works like above mentioned. Only by this work the dreams of Maharishi Brahma to Maharishi Dayanand will come true.

       Acharya ji has completed his research work and now it is our Nobel duty to take this forward. I hope that you will take my view seriously and help with your mind, body and wealth to take this Nobel research further.